Nightlife Industry By The Numbers: How Do We Party?

A study conducted by Optimize Atlanta reveals interesting information about nightclubs, VIP, bottle service, and group dynamics.

We’re big on research.  When we take on clients in different markets, we typically research the industry extensively before beginning the campaign.  In this case, we’ve found some interesting information that lots of people might enjoy, so we’ve decided to share our findings.

Nightlife Industry Infographic From Optimize Atlanta

We’ve also created an infographic of our findings if you’d like the quick highlights.

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Vodkas Are Hot

The first thing that stands out from this study is that Vodkas are overwhelmingly popular right now.

Nightlife Bottle Service Distribution

Nightlife Bottle Service Distribution

Of all the nightclubs and lounges who participated:

100% of them listed Grey Goose as one of their top 3 most popular bottles
43% listed Ketel One as one of the 3 most ordered bottles
57% listed one or more of 3 other vodka brands; Absolut, Stoli, and Level

Nightlife Popularity of Brands

Nightlife Popularity of Brands

The second most popular individual bottle was Patron Silver, coming in at 71%, with Crown Royal being tied for third with Ketel One at 43%.  This goes to show the power of   the outstanding branding campaigns by each of these products recently, and the effect those efforts have on the nightlife market.

Other notable bottles included champagne (usually Moet) at 29% and Hennessy at 14%.

Pricing Ranges Widely

As expected, the pricing ranged widely from venue to venue.  We used pricing for a 1 liter bottle across the board to come up with an average price for each of the popular bottles.

VIP Bottle Service Average Prices

VIP Bottle Service Average Prices

Again as expected, pricing for individual cocktails somewhat matched the relative pricing of the bottles.  For example, Grey Goose is one of the more expensive bottles, and also one of the more expensive drinks if ordered individually.  No shocker there.  But we did learn some interesting things regarding pricing.

Some Basic Math

1 liter = 1000 milliliters
1 shot = 1 oz
1 oz = 30 milliliters
1 liter bottle = 33.33 (repeating, of course) shots

So if we applied this to the average pricing using Grey Goose again as an example, we know VIP bottle service would cost you $270 per bottle, but purchasing the 33 shots individually at average prices would cost you $363.

You Save $ Buying in Bulk

So again, not a big shocker necessarily, but it is interesting to see the difference broken down mathematically in terms of real averages.  You would save an average of $93 or 34% by going the VIP route.

Now you might be saying, “nobody is going to drink 33 shots in one night!”.  We hope you’re right, for everyone’s sake, but we dug deeper to find out the habits of people when they go out to meet friends, dance, and party.

People’s Party Habits and Tendencies

We asked partygoers several specific questions as part of our sample market survey, and one of them was “How many drinks do you typically consume?”.

Average Number of Drinks Consumed

Average Number of Drinks Consumed

What we found was that there were two majority groups; the group that will have 2 to 3 drinks, and the group that will have between 4 and 7.

If we include the “radical” 13% group that has more than 8 drinks on any given night, that’s 67% of all nightclub attendees that will consume between 2 and 10 drinks.

Another data point we wanted to discover was the average group size in nightlife environments.

Average Group Size in Nightlife Environments

Average Group Size in Nightlife Environments

We found out that the overwhelming majority of people usually travel with 3 to 5 people in their group, 66% of all party people.

The second largest category was the 6 to 10 per group bunch, coming in at 27%.

Based on these averages, we can estimate that about 49% of people will be traveling in a group of 5 to 10.

Putting the Information Together

So using the information we’ve gathered, we can provide a very accurate example scenario that’s relevant to a large percentage of people who participate in Atlanta nightlife, and other similar cities around the country.

We’ve learned that almost 70% of attendees will drink, and 5 drinks is about the average number of drinks that each person will typically consume.  Staying with the Grey Goose pricing example, we’ve come up with the following average spending habits:

3 drinkers in the group = $55 each or $165 collectively
4 = $220
5 = $275
6 = $330
7 = $385
8 = $440
9 = $495

Here’s a graph representing these numbers:

Cost Analysis for VIP

Cost Analysis for VIP Bottle Service

Based on this info, we can see that groups of 5 or more would actually save money by purchasing bottle service.  Groups of 4 would probably save too if they selected one of the other (less expensive) brands, because this graph is based on the average price of one of the most expensive brands.

VIP Extras and Amenities

We learned that most nightclubs and lounges also offer juices, mixers, bottled water, and energy drinks with VIP table reservations and bottle service.  Some even offer complimentary champagne.  This is in addition to the private tables and exclusivity.

We’d like to say a special thanks to all the Atlanta nightclubs and lounges that participated in our study, and all the great people who were kind enough to answer our questionnaire.

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