CASE STUDY: Optimize Atlanta’s Law Firm SEO Campaign Propels Martin Law Offices’ Web Traffic By 1,533%!

The Law Offices of T Michael Martin have been providing elite legal services to the south metro Atlanta area for almost thirty years.  Mike Martin, a well respected member of a myriad of law organizations, also has served as Municipal Court Judge for over twenty years.  Experience counts for everything in the courtroom, and Mike has defended jury trial cases numbering in the hundreds, with more than a dozen of them being cases where the State sought the death penalty.  He has yet to have a client executed.

Clearly this Fayetteville Lawyer provides a level of service that clients would clamor for.  Any person in need of credible, reliable legal representation deserves to know that the services of this firm are available to them.  Up until recently however, the firm’s website couldn’t be found anywhere in search engine results pages, where a vast majority of potential clients were looking.  

A high-quality search engine optimization campaign was sorely needed, and fortunately Optimize Atlanta fit the bill.  

After only 3 short weeks, the Martin Law Offices website was ranking on the first page of Google’s search results for a majority of the terms targeted by the law firm SEO campaign.  Needless to say, the firm was elated.  Even the Optimize Atlanta Team was shocked at how quickly the program generated these kind of results for such a competitive market.  The firm’s website traffic skyrocketed 1,533% within the first month!

Now, only into the second month, traffic continues to multiply and the firm has already booked clients that found them online via search.  Perhaps the greatest thing about this particular campaign is the fact that it has just begun.  With ongoing search engine optimization efforts, the probability for future success is remarkable, and The Law Offices of T Michael Martin will continue to get quality visitors who are in need of their services.

Summary of Key Milestones:

  • Ranked on first page of Google search results within 3 weeks
  • Increased website traffic by 1,533% in the first month
  • Already booking clients who found them online less than two months into campaign

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