18 Really Cool Atlanta Business People To Follow On Twitter

I’m sure everyone has heard about Twitter by now, even if you have lived under the proverbial rock for the past few years.  If you’re just starting out on Twitter, don’t worry — you’re not alone.

Twitter is a great tool to keep your finger on the pulse of the Atlanta business world, and connect with interesting people who share similar goals to your own.  There are hundreds of tips and strategies and ways to use the service for business purposes, but I won’t delve into that discussion in this post.

The Mission

The goal was to find some great people in and around the Atlanta area that were involved with the community, and had a passion for business.  I can’t say I was surprised at the results; growing up in the Atlanta area taught me that there’s no shortage of talent here, but I did manage to discover some people that I wasn’t already familiar with.  Some of these people could be considered “competitors” of Optimize Atlanta because their businesses offer similar services, but all of them contribute good, informative content for business owners, and therefore could not be left out.

I’d like to mention that there are many other interesting and talented entrepreneurs in Atlanta, but these 18 people really stuck out to me because they are consistently tweeting solid, useful content for other business owners.


New to Twitter? Follow These Atlanta Business People To Get A Head Start

Julie Squires – CEO of Softscribe, a digital marketing company that helps businesses drive traffic in the green tourism and hospitality industries.

Desiree Scales – CEO of Bella Web Design, a successful Atlanta web design and marketing firm.  She’s also a professional speaker and teaches social media strategies, has an informative podcast, and I’ve found she has a good sense of humor, thankfully.

Taryn Pisaneschi – Passionate about social media and relationship marketing.  Keynote speaker at events around the country, blogger, and a snowboarder! Cool chick

Kellye Crane – Founder of and #solopr chat, PR and branding consultant for businesses and professionals, “but not the smarmy kind.” I love that distinction, there is a difference.

Stephanie Beckham – Interactive Idea Strategist at Brainjocks, which is a snazzy way to say she creates cool websites.  She’s also a .NET, CMS (content management system), and eCommerce web developer, and she likes twizzlers — alot.

Alexa Ellis – Focuses on interactive website design, development, and marketing at Aqua Blue Marketing.  Blogs and tweets great tips on SEO, PPC, and all things marketing on the web. 

Carol Flammer – Author of Social Media For Home Builders: It’s Easier Than You Think.  Also a social media and PR consultant at mrelevance, which is a web marketing firm that focuses on the construction industry.

Kristen McKenna – Field Marketing Manager at Silverpop.  I don’t know much about Kristen other than she consistently tweets useful information that everyone with a web presence should read.

ATDCThe Advanced Technology Development Center is a startup company incubator and entrepreneurial hub.  They are focused on helping Georgia’s technology entrepreneurs accelerate the startup process and become successful companies.  A fantastic resource for early stage tech companies, located in Technology Square in Midtown.  The ATDC has already facilitated the growth of numerous companies that have become wildly successful.

Scott Burkett – COO of Starpound Technologies, member of the StartupLounge Team, and also operates a fantastic blog. Very involved and passionate about Atlanta startups and businesses, especially in the technology related fields.  Also, he’s the only other human being other than myself that uses the word pontificate, which I think is especially cool. 

Ignition Alley – A coworking space for Atlanta’s entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, developers, marketers, and just about anybody else that needs a place to work outside of their home.  They do a great job of creating a community by allowing all of these individuals to come together for collaboration on projects, and by hosting events and gatherings for their members.

Sanjay Parekh – A serial entrepreneur whose latest project is Startup Riot, an annual event in which startup companies, and larger companies looking for partnerships, can meet with and pitch a variety of investors, network, and search for talent.  Sanjay has a focus on technology, and stays involved with the Atlanta business community through monthly newsletters and group events. Learn how to properly pronounce his name here, in case you run into him sometime.

Anne Simons – Another member of the StartupLounge Team.  Anne runs a great blog over at brandeo that covers branding news, ideas, and discussions for everything from teleporters to Tiger Woods.

Cathy Iconis – Dedicated to becoming a source for small business advice in Atlanta.  Cathy blogs about a myriad of topics related to operating a business. Her blog also features Atlanta area small business owners and their stories.

Jeff Brathwaite – Founder of 2TheNextLevel, Jeff’s focus is to help solopreneurs and small businesses use “web 2.0” technologies to become more successful.  He gets extra points for titling his latest (at the time of this writing) blog post “Facebook Intervention.”

Mike Schinkel – Organizer for the Atlanta Web Marketers Meetup, and the Atlanta SEO Meetup, partner in Ignition Alley, and is involved in numerous other activities designed to help small to mid sized businesses and their owners. 

TMNinja – Time Management Ninja’s mantra is “Winning the battle against wasted time, disorganization, clutter, and all other things evil.”  They also have a blog jam-packed with great tips for busy people to stay organized.  Very useful stuff.

Elizabeth Baskin – CEO of Tribe, which boasts a client list like no other, including companies like Chick-fil-a, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, UPS, and Porsche.  She has written several succesful books, including Run Your Business Like A Girl, and Hell Yes! Two Little Words For A Simpler Happier Life.  She’s also created a deck of cards to help entrepreneurs launch their own businesses step-by-step called Start Your Own Company, which I think is an incredibly cool idea (not that she needs my approval).  Elizabeth manages her own blog, Life-Sized Business which has some really great content.

As I stated earlier, there are tons more really great people to connect with in Atlanta, but I tried to focus this list on the people who are consistently talking about tips and strategies that you can apply to your business.

You can get the full list all at once from Listorious if you’d like, or feel free to check them out individually. 

I hope this is helpful to those that are new to Twitter and would like to jumpstart their experience, and also to those who may be using twitter but needed some local ATLiens to follow.  

You can also follow me @BrianCriswell for a variety of business tips, news, rants, jokes, and sports related exclamations!


Optimize Atlanta is not a partner or affiliate of any of the organizations or people listed in this post.

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  1. Brian, I am honored to be on this list! Craig shared it with me and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I think you’ve provided a valuable resource for Atlanta professionals – this is a great starting point for new Twitter users as well as seasoned ones. I will make sure to direct my clients to it when looking for who to follow in Atlanta! :)


  2. Jenny at #

    Great list, Brian! I second the nominations for Desiree, Taryn, and Kellye. I’ll have to follow everybody else too. Thanks!


  3. Brian at #

    Thanks to both of you for stopping by to check it out, I’m glad you liked it.

    @Taryn The list wouldn’t have been complete without you on there! :)

  4. Thanks for including me in your list. And double thanks for the link on how to pronounce my name. :-)

    That said, I still respond (though a little more slowly) when people don’t say my name right. ;-)

  5. I’m humbled to be included on your list — many thanks! Love that you created a Listorious list also, since I’ve found some new folks to follow. Thanks also to Jenny for the endorsement (much appreciated).

  6. Thanks so much for including me on this list. I can’t believe I didn’t see this post earlier. Must have been too busy with my twizzlers. :)

    Just to clarify- I’m not the developer, I’m just blessed to be backed by a fantastic team of both creative and technical “jocks”.

  7. Great list. Just found a couple of new gems perhaps. Is 18 the new 10? lol Duzzent mater, its a good group of not-too-big-for-their-britches Atlanta tweeps ;-)

  8. Brian at #

    @Stephanie Glad you found it. Better late than never, right? :) Thanks for the clarification also.

    @Randy 18 is indeed the new 10. Let’s start a movement.

  9. Thanks for including me on your list!

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