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Attention: We have merged with a web design and development shop here in Atlanta to form a new company called Lead Focus Marketing. We will continue to provide SEO consulting services to local Atlanta businesses, along with clients from all over the U.S. We’re also adding other online marketing services such as full PPC management, conversion rate optimization, and online reputation management. We want to sincerely thank all of our clients, past and current, and we’re looking forward to starting this new chapter with you all.


Optimize Atlanta is an Atlanta SEO Company that knows what it takes to make an impact in online markets. With all the calamity going on about search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and many others, it’s easy for a business owner or marketing executive to feel overwhelmed.  You might find yourself asking, “How can we leverage all of these tools in order to make the phones ring off the hook and literally have new customers and clients throwing money at us?”

Ok maybe not literally throwing money, but we get it.

You’re here because you want to grow your business.  You are one of the elite few business owners that realize new customers aren’t going to miraculously come running through your doors unless you actively do something.

You’re here because you simply don’t have the time necessary to learn and implement all of the new marketing practices yourself.  You need qualified leads, and you need them now.

You’re in the right place.  This is what we do.


Atlanta SEO Services

We tap into a variety of web marketing techniques in order to achieve the best possible results for our clients.  Our range of services includes:

Best of all, we guarantee that you’ll get positive results with us.


We understand that return on investment is a top priority for any Atlanta SEO campaign.  Many SEO companies continue to focus strictly on rankings, but we are one Atlanta SEO company that focuses on increasing your bottom line.

Only current “white hat” practices will be used to put your business directly in front of the eyes of the people that are searching for your products or services. Right now, as you’re reading this, there are truckloads of opportunities in your area — are you capitalizing?


What an Atlanta SEO Company Can Do for Your Business


Fast forward to a few short weeks from now:  Your business has vastly improved in the search engine optimization category, your search rankings are soaring, your website traffic has virtually exploded, your phones won’t stop ringing because your customer/client base has grown faster than kudzu!  You and your staff already have a much better understanding of search engine optimization techniques, the ins and outs of local Atlanta SEO, and overall internet marketing strategies.  You are elated.  You are eternally grateful, and you wish you would’ve found Optimize Atlanta sooner!

We want you to know that we are dedicated to continue to improve your web presence long after the first wave of success.  Strategic adjustments and additions to the Atlanta search engine optimization campaign will be recommended and implemented as the goals of the business develop.  We will not stop until your business is so far ahead of the competition, that they simply won’t even be recognized as competition…

…until you don’t even see the competition in your rear-view mirror.

…until the competition begs for mercy!

…until you are accused of monopolizing the market.

…until a genie grants your competition 3 wishes, and they wish that they could somehow figure out how to catch up with you!

All humor aside for a moment:


What we’re trying to say is, we will make sure that your organization continues to get better rankings, more traffic, and more conversions as time marches on.

The technical aspects of leveraging the internet to capture more business can be daunting.  Optimize Atlanta exists solely to help you.  Take advantage of our experience and expertise.

Let us help you get your business where it should be…at the top!  Get started right now!

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